Loekke Rasmussen resigns after left-leaning parties’ election win (News)


Loekke Rasmussen resigns after left-leaning parties’ election win.

Denmark will head to the polls on Wednesday (June 5) to choose a new parliament — the country’s second election in a fortnight.

What’s the background?
Danes have only just voted in European Parliament elections, which saw a big drop in support for the far-right Danish People’s Party (DPP). They won in 2014 with 26.6% of the vote but that more than halved to 10.76% this time.

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The Red Tea Detox

DPP is not in Denmark’s ruling coalition, which is made up of Denmark’s Liberal Party (Venstre), the Liberal Alliance and the Conservative People’s Party.

But the coalition does rely on parliamentary support from the anti-immigration DPP and this has been reflected by government policy.

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Since the refugee crisis in 2015, Denmark has accepted fewer migrants than its neighbours and taken a tougher line on immigration.

Parliament last year approved moves to ban the wearing of the Islamic burqa and niqab in public and hold foreign criminals on a tiny island.

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Who are the main runners and riders?
Coalition governments are a fact of life in Denmark and the main parties are organised in left-wing (red) and right-wing (blue).

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