Chiitan Mascot That Tickled John Oliver Is Suspended by Twitter (News)


Chiitan Mascot That Tickled John Oliver Is Suspended by Twitter.

KoIf you aren’t aware of the unofficial Japanese mascot Chiitan, well then buckle up because boy do we have a story for you. The surreal otter declared itself the unofficial representative for the Japanese city, Susaki, getting its name from a real life otter of the same name. Chiitan created bonkers videos and tweets, eventually, and unfortunately, finding its Twitter account blocked. Rallying its fans to action, Chiitan is pushing to be re-instated on Twitter.

Chiitan appeared on the scene with hilarious tweets and surreal videos involving the large mascot hitting a punching bag, hiding a baseball bat in its costume, and knocking down a wall made up of wrapped boxes. Chiitan itself is a giant pink otter that happens to sport a turtle for a hat but unfortunately wasn’t warmed up to by the city of Susaki. The city’s actual real otter mascot, also named Chiitan, was demoted from the position in order to distance itself from its doppelganger.

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Recently, Chiitan found itself not only banned from a number of its Twitter accounts, including the English, Turkish, Korean, Brazilian, and Arabic versions, but even Chiitan’s turtle hat’s account was suspended! With this, the team behind Chiitan is imploring the mascot’s fans to sign a petition, asking for the large pink Otter’s Twitter accounts to be restored so that the unofficial mammal can return to all its online glory. Using a similar graphic as from Avengers: Endgame, Chiitan is hoping for a quick recovery.

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Chiitan had already had a significant following in the past but the publicity that the mascot received from the HBO series, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, brought the strange creature more into the minds of the public. The citizens of Susaki were so fed up with Chiitan that hundreds of them even went so far as to call the city to complain about its antics. To be fair, when one of the antics includes flipping a car using his bestial strength in a video, maybe some of these citizens have a point? Regardless, we here at wish Chiitan all the best in his future endeavors and we’ll be the first to let you know should this special otter receive its Twitter privileges once again.

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