Mount Hood woman rescued by climbers (News)


Mount Hood woman rescued by climbers.

A woman avoided what could have been a disastrous accident on Mount Hood this weekend after she became stuck on the upper reaches of the peak and had to be helped by climbers who happened upon her.

“As we approached, we could hear her crying and screaming and calling for help, ‘Somebody help me,’” Steve Hogberg, who was climbing with his son Sunday morning, told KGW News.

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The woman, who was not identified, was attempting to reach the summit alone, according to Hogberg, but got stuck on a steep traverse. Using a rope, Hogberg’s son and another climber were able to reach the woman and help her to safety.

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“Got the rope hooked up, got her hooked up, and about four or five steps, she started going, she did the splits, started going backwards down the hill and that rope saved her,” Hogberg said. “It was intense.”

The woman told her rescuers that it was her first time climbing Mount Hood. Other than being alone, she also didn’t have the right equipment, two mistakes that could have proved deadly, Erik Broms with Portland Mountain Rescue told KGW.

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“I’ve seen people with dress shoes trying to get crampons on them. I’ve seen it all,” he said. “Really get to know your equipment because your equipment is going to save your life.”


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