Background check bill, Gabby Giffords returns to Capitol Hill


Background check bill, Gabby Giffords returns to Capitol Hill.

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords returns to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to help introduce a bill on gun background checks.

The legislation would require background checks on private transactions for gun sales.

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The bills’ introduction falls on the eighth anniversary of the shooting that nearly killed Giffords and left six others dead.

She’ll join newly-elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Mike Thompson, a California Democrat, to unveil the bill.

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Democrats have long been signaling they would make legislation to address gun violence a top priority.

They introduced a similar bill with some Republican co-sponsors in November, but it didn’t make it to the floor while Democrats were in the minority.

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Despite bipartisan support for some gun legislation proposals, the new Democratic background check proposal appears unlikely to advance in the Republican-controlled Senate.


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