Debra Rouse saves choking baby during Thanksgiving meal


Debra Rouse saves choking baby during Thanksgiving meal at Golden Corral.

A new mother says she’s thankful for “a guardian angel” who came to her daughter’s aid when the baby began choking at a North Carolina restaurant on Thanksgiving.

Hannah Jarvis and her 7-month-old daughter Calli were eating Thanksgiving dinner with their family at Golden Corral in Hendersonville, NC.

“We were just feeding her some mashed potatoes. She just started gagging all of a sudden. She was choking,” Jarvis told WLOS.

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The family panicked, but a quick-thinking waitress called for anyone who could help the baby and Debra Rouse stepped forward.

“This lady named Debra intervened,” Jarvis told WLOS. “She held her down… taking multiple blows to her back. It was miraculous, she started breathing again.”

Jarvis said she hugged Rouse afterward, but amid the chaos, the family didn’t get a chance to thank their savior properly.

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So, Jarvis took to Facebook, telling everyone about her “hero” and “angel.”

Thanks to the post and internet users who spread the word, Rouse heard Jarvis was trying to get in touch with her and replied to the mother’s post Friday.

The two met up again, and Jarvis thanked Rouse for saving her daughter, according to WHNS.

“I cannot say thank you enough to her. She’s just somebody I will always, always look upon as a guardian angel, really,” Jarvis said.

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Jarvis said on Facebook the family took Calli to the emergency room, and the little girl is perfectly healthy.

Health experts say the technique used to help a choking baby is different from the Heimlich maneuver used to help adults and older children.

Debra performed the correct procedure, which involves delivering strong blows to a baby’s back.


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